Sunday, March 7, 2010

Garden Tour

We didn't accomplish much on the unpacking but we did take time to smell the roses with Lillian!

Tristan shows Lillian the Hibiscus. She doesn't look so interested.

Trying to get the fire started for grill night in the lower garden.


Unknown said...

So good to look into this little window and see you guys introducing the great new big world to Spicy Ho! And one more comment: what a fence!!!!

Carolyn and Tristan said...

The fence--I know--Latin American security! I'm scared of having a fire here and how to get out.

Unknown said...

Carolyn, I think she looks a lot like you!

Unknown said...

Well I can not believe it- I was on WKU's website which made me start thinking about college and somehow I remembered how I used to babysit for Dr. Spiceland (one of my professors).I always remembered Tristan because I thought he was the smartest and cutest little boy I had ever seen!Then I Googled the name just to see what happened to that smart little boy and the moment I saw you I knew you must be him( you look like your dad). I am sure you will not remember me but my name was Cindy Glaysbrook and I babysat you many times. What a beautiful family you have -I knew you would do wonderful things with your life!