Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter and Fanesca

Day One Prep--Peeling and chopping.

Our introduction to Ecuadorian cooking continues through our nanny Anita who is a pretty good cook. This week I asked her to make Fanesca which is a Santa Semana or Holy Week tradition. Squash, beans, peas cabbage, salted cod and lots of other ingredients makes up this yummy treat. The twelve beans or grains are supposed to represent the 12 disciples but Anita didn't know about that when I asked. Check out the Wiki link for a little more information. It's traditionally made on Good Friday when the whole family gathers with a little extra for your neighbors. Anita said she's going to church on Friday and Saturday but didn't have plans yet with her family to make the soup. 

Boiling the beans and veggies.

Frying the onions on Day Two. Fanesca in progress is on the right. YUM!

She also made Arroz con leche y pasas (dessert--rice pudding with raisins). This will be my last meal with milk since it looks like Lillian might have the same allergy to milk I did as a baby so the elimination diet starts next week. Bummer cuz I like cheese and it's hard to label read abroad.

I'll post a pic of the final dish after dinner.

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