Friday, October 1, 2010

Tanquila Manana

The buses are running again this morning and life is returning to normal. While we were watching the President being rescued (see previous video posting), the garbage men came by for Thursday pick-up so it seems life is returning to a regular routine.

Betty told me things seemed normal this morning but that there were no visible military or police presence on the streets. I skipped my Friday run to the fruit and veg market just to be on the safe side but things really do seem quiet. Betty tried to go to the IEES (social security/insurance) office yesterday and it was all closed up.

It was interesting to see the reactions of local folks. Teresa was playing with Lillian and dancing around saying, "Afuera, Correa. Afuera, Correa!" Some folks thought this had been brewing for a while and he was on his way out. Seems he's back in control this morning and has a new head of police. I asked Teresa if she liked Correa and she said no. She said she votes because it's the law and the people she votes for usually lose.

The government declared a State of Exception yesterday which put the military in charge. They also shut down the non-state run media outlets so all their websites and twitter feeds were down for 5 hours and we were all forced to watch the state run television station for the day. They declared it an anti-demotcratic action by the police against the state and were declaring a citizen uprising against them when Correa made his speech after being rescued from the Police Hospital. The Police Hospital is right next door to the Hospital Metropolitano where we've taken Lillian for cardiology appointments and blood work.

I'm planning on driving to the Embassy later today since all seems to be calm. Hopefully, the police and goverment will come to an agreement soon.

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