Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quito Market

One of the great things about travelling is visiting local markets and tasting what is fresh and local. Ecuador is really fascinating because it has three distinct climates and can grow just about all fruits and vegetables. Coastal, mountains and jungle. I've been feasting on fresh tropical fruits and luckily there's a fruit and vegetable market every Friday just across the street from our hotel. Here's a couple pics--I spent about $7.50USD and walked away with a couple bags of goodies. The next week I spent close to $10 and it was almost too heavy to carry. Apparently, this market is a little more expensive due to location and more organics available but I haven't actually tested the reliability of the organic claim. I used to spend $50+ at the Arlington Farmers' Market so this is heaven!

3 small pineapples, Granadillas, apples, peppers, 5 mangos and sunflowers.

View of the market from my window.

The views in this city are amazing!

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