Monday, November 9, 2009

New Quito Pics--Marine ball and more

Here's a few pics from the past week. We went to the Marine Ball on Saturday to celebrate the 234th Birthday of the Marine Corps. It's an Embassy tradition as the Marines guard the mission and make sure we're safe. I wasn't feeling great as I was starting a bout of South American belly, but we had a good time.

Happy Birthday, Marines!

Presentation of the cake

Presentation of the colors

For Mom, who hasn't seen me pregnant yet! All dressed and ready to go!

Cocktail hour at Eric's house. Cheers!

View from Tristan's flight to Guayaquil--Volcano Pinchincha

Not a bad view from our room: Cotopaxi.

Washing the vegetables after Friday shopping at the veggie market.

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Aimi said...

nice belly shot!