Monday, October 22, 2007

New Louisiana Governor

Well, Fall is here and I am still behind on blogging. Partly because our wireless has been down for months and I used to enjoy drinking coffee, writing and watching CNN in the morning. Now, I am chained to the desk in order to write. My summer truly was wonderful and it's hard to put into words such powerful and amazing experiences.

I'm off to Vienna or BEHA as it is written in Russian on Wednesday. The other big news is that I got a job working with another embassy spouse. We both come from academia--she is a former Fulbright scholar and has worked in Executive Search for years. Now a VP for Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group, the company is expanding and hired two new Associates. It's a great job working with nonprofits in transition leading executive searches. So far I really like it and can sit at home in my PJs while working and no one knows what I'm wearing or even that I'm in Moscow! The Internet is amazing!

Well, the point of this posting was to put up a couple articles about the new governor of Louisiana who graduated from my high school, Baton Rouge Magnet High School.

New York Times
National / U.S.
Indian-American Elected Louisiana’s Governor
Published: October 21, 2007
Bobby Jindal, a conservative Republican congressman from the New Orleans suburbs, inherits a state that was suffering well before Hurricane Katrina.

The Advocate
Baton Rouge Newspaper
Jindal carries 60 parishes in landslide win

Only four years older than me, I tend to be on opposite ends of the political spectrum from him. While he has a good track record of cleaning up messes in state politics (Louisiana has plenty of them!), it has been done on the backs of programs for the poor and disadvantaged. I makes me think of life here in Russia where strength in leadership often is at the cost of equality, fairness and opportunity for all. The last time I saw him was on a plane to DC from Baton Rouge last April.

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Laurie Rudel said...

Carolyn, congratulations on the new job. Sounds like a great fit for now!

blessings + peace, Laurie