Thursday, September 30, 2010

Civil Unrest---Police Protests

Quite a day for Ecuador. I'm watching the President address crowds in the Centro Historico after being rescued from the Police Hospital where he was stuck all day after the police tear gassed him this morning. The police are on strike against a change in the law regarding their salaries and benefits. Ecuador has a national police force and when they go on strike things kinda go to hell.

Buses stopped service today so our nanny Teresa took a taxi to get here. I paid her today as well and told her to be really careful with all that cash. To which she responded by wrapping the cash I had just handed her in a paper towel and stuffing it in her bra. She's in her late 60's which made the whole thing really funny. She took a taxi home since she lives on the north side of town and doesn't have to pass through the area of protests. My morning housekeeper lives on the south end so I'm concerned she didn't make it home today. We'll see if the buses will be running tomorrow.

The airport has been closed all day and roads in and out of the city have also been blocked. Looting and protests have been reported in Guayaquil and the consulate closed at 1PM there. I stayed home and didn't leave. Everything seemed very quiet in our part of town. Tristan had to work late but said Eloy Alfaro seemed very quiet--gas stations closed and not much traffic. Most people went home early and the schools closed early. Only distressing things was that some of the classes where many Embassy kids go are on field trips out of town.

I'll post more as things develop.

New York Times Article

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Rachel said...

Carolyn, Tristan, & Lilian,

I am holding you guys (and the country of Ecuador) in my heart and keeping you on my mind. Peace to you all amid the chaos.