Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pelmeni lessons and fall adventures

I've been back in Yekat for about a month now. Fall has come and gone in that short time. We made a day trip out to Aleni Ruchi (Deer Stream) Park for a day hike and enjoyed the changing leaves. Life here is very slow and sometimes a bit lonely for me. Most of my days are home alone since there's not a huge community to hang out with. The American Center is closing this week for remodel so I won't have the opportunity to work with as many students. I did a presentation on Admissions Essays last week and got to meet some really nice students.

We did have a fun weekend filled with Russian adventures. On Saturday, our friend Kseniya came over on Saturday to teach us how to make traditional homemade Pelmeni. Most of us buy these little ravioli-like morsels frozen, bring them home and boil them for a quick dinner. The handmade version is much tastier, but more labor intensive. Here's a few pics from our evening of eating, drinking and pelmeni making.

Making the dough with Kseniya

In the meantime, the snow came down.

One more photo to come. . . .

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