Monday, February 4, 2008

Voting from Abroad

Tristan and I filled out our ballots tonight for the Washington State Presidential Primary. Even from far away, we are getting exciting, holding our breath for something different, hoping that a new President will change and influence our reputation abroad. It's an exciting moment. In the Foreign Service Community, we are often quiet about our political viewpoints which is a new position for me. The premise being that we serve no matter who the President is. I do have to say, we would be excited to serve this man as President. For me as a bi-racial person who has organized for issues of diversity and equality, Obama's candidacy is a test of our values as Americans. Do we truly believe that all are fit to serve? Can we embrace an African American man as President? Not be blind to his color or experience, but embrace what he represents for America today? Hope is alive!


Unknown said...

Hello, I discovered your blog googling tonight, as next Wed I fly to Moscow to participate in a scientific conference. I will be touring and was hoping to attend church on Sunday...and I am a member of the Disciples of Christ. That's how your blog came up! I am staying near Red Square at a hotel (Hotel Baltschug Kempinski) and wondered if you could direct me to a hopefully close church, ideally Disciples.
It appears you have a very interesting life over there.
PS: Huge Obama fan as well.
Thanks for your time,

Carolyn and Tristan said...

Hi John--
There's no Disciples church here but the Protestants and Anglicans meet at St Andrews which is probably not too far from where you are staying.

Drop me a note and let me know what your schedule is like.

Best wishes,