Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine May-June 2007

Tristan has been in Kyiv for the past 5 weeks and finally comes back to Moscow just in time for me to leave for the states. I went for the first 2 weeks and really enjoyed Kyiv. It's more European, smaller, and slower paced than Moscow which can feel so big and overwhelming. People were a bit more friendly and patient with my language. It's Moscow-lite. Charming buildings and parks. Summers are warm (almost too hot) and lovely there. Enjoy these pictures from Kyiv.


Jennifer said...

Hey, I know that place! It was really fun having you guys here for a while. And thanks for helping me take the leap into Ukrainian coffee shop culture. :)

Unknown said...

Hey guys!

Great to know you are doing fine. And thanks for posting the pics. Great to see Russia thru your eyes,instead of the travel mag. Especially like that beer is the beverage of choice there. Hey, maybe if I move to Russia, I can kick the Starbucks habit!!